About UGBA

The organization consists of members, annually elected officers, a Board of Directors and a Director of Public Relations.

The members of the organization include gamefowl breeders and others who recognize the importance of preserving the gamefowl industry and this unique breed of fowl. The officers are elected annually by the general membership at the UGBA Annual Meeting and consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The organization is controlled and managed by the Board of Directors, composed of the officers of the UGBA and one representative designated from each state affiliate. The Director of Public Relations serves as the spokesperson for the UGBA.

  • David Thurston ~ President ~ 704-701-7792 (NC)
  • Cecil Belvins ~ Vice President ~ 606-465-7307 (KY)
  • Elizabeth Turner ~ Secretary ~ 740-601-8235 (OH)
  • Eddie Hartrampf ~ Treasurer ~ 503-209-7278 (OR)
  • Bucky Harless (CA) ~ Public Relations Director
  • Executive Board includes the above officers plus:
    • Brad Outlaw (SC)
    • Keith Higgins (MO)
    • Bucky Harless (CA)
  • Darcy Blevins ~ Administrative Assistant ~ 606-315-6863 or UGBA # 606-713-3842