The United Gamefowl Breeders Association is the largest and most well-known gamefowl organization in the United States. Our members are represented at the national level with alliances with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, members of the U.S. Congress, the shipping industry, and national poultry associations. The future of the gamefowl industry requires that gamefowl breeders UNITE to preserve our flocks. The UGBA needs YOUR ideas and energy to help us reach our goal.


The Animal Rights Radicals (ARR) are well financed, well organized (local, national and internationally), politically connected and are dedicated to the extermination of gamefowl.

To have ANY hope of saving gamefowl and your Constitutional rights, it is essential that we have a national organization so that we can fight back.

The UGBA is that national organization. The UGBA is the hub of the gamefowl community and is essential in sharing information and news among the States.

This organization will put you in a network of like-minded people that is capable of sharing information that is important to you and your birds.

If you think that we can be effective as independent States, each plowing the same field that other States are plowing, you are making a grievous error. The fact is that most States are not organized, or if organized, don’t have an effective plan.

All organizations that make any impact are national organizations. We would have little to fear if the ARR’s were a rag-tag bunch of local organizations.

If you don’t like how the UGBA is being run then get involved and help improve it. Make no mistake; a national organization is a must.

If you think that you can organize your own national organization, be advised, the ink wouldn’t be dry on the by-laws before internal squabbles developed and you would be right back where you are now.

This habit we have of letting pride, egos, personalities, rumors and mistrust, couple us MUST STOP! We have a common goal and a common enemy. It’s way past time to be smart and coalesce into a force to be dealt with. This idea of further fragmenting an already fragmented, minority group, is suicidal.

Gamefowl breeders are a minority group that have a long history of persecution and social disapproval. In the past, as individuals, we were easily put down and run over by the media, law enforcement and the moral judgment of a misinformed public. Only with a national organization can we set up and staff an office. The office being the hub of the organization where all members can have access to all of the accumulated contacts, information and experience of all the members from across the Country, over the years.

The information and advice that is available will be of great value in knowing and defending your rights.

We frequently get calls from people, that aren’t members, that are having trouble with the law, code enforcement or animal control. These people have had chickens for a number of years and didn’t think that it was important to be a member.

Now that they have a problem they come to us for help. Like buying fire insurance after the house burns down! Who would they call if we didn’t exist? Who will you call if we don’t exist? What platform will you use? What contact list will you use?

IF you love gamefowl you have a DUTY to belong to, and support, the organization. If you really love your gamefowl, being a member is the LEAST you can do to have a part in their survival.



It’s not on “Some Else”, it’s on each of us.
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