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Welcome to the UGBA


It was almost 30 years ago when a handful of Americans dedicated to preserving the presence of small flocks of gamefowl on their farms and homeplaces banned together in an effort to counter those who would take away their right to raise and keep gamefowl.

This handful of Americans formed the non-profit United Gamefowl Breeders Association, Inc. for the purpose of organizing gamefowl breeders for their mutual benefit, for the exchange of ideas toward perpetuation of the species, improvement in breeding and care of flocks, and for insuring the health and continued existence of the various bloodlines of gamefowl.

In the nearly thirty years that has passed since the founding of the UGBA, the handful has multiplied and the UGBA organization now represents thousands of gamefowl breeders across the nation. UGBA members avidly support and participate in the American Poultry Association, U.S. Department of Agriculture National Poultry Improvement Program, and other national, state, and local efforts to identify, control, and/or eradicate disease in gamefowl flocks. The economic benefit of the gamefowl industry to the United States can be measured in the hundreds of millions of dollars through the purchase of feed and supplies and the selling of valuable breeding stock.

The UGBA presently sponsors and promotes gamefowl shows where our members proudly exhibit spectacular fowl. It is easy to see why this proud bird was given consideration by our founding fathers when they were choosing a National emblem. The Bald Eagle edged out the gamecock by only ONE vote. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln and many other great leaders of the United States of America were gamefowl breeders and were advocates of freedom and the rights of individuals. Clearly, gamefowl have been an important part of our American heritage. The United Gamefowl Breeders Association is dedicated to preserving this heritage.

The United Gamefowl Breeders wish to remind everyone that freedom is fragile and can only be preserved by vigilance and continual efforts to educate those who may have the power to take away those freedoms. Freedom will be lost if a species which is the result of thousands of years of evolution is legislated out of existence. Please support our efforts to perpetuate the legitimate breeding and raising of this noble bird.



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2009 Remington Shotgun Givaway 

January 7, 2009;
Winning number 978
Winner:  None


2008 Remington Shotgun Givaway 

December 31, 2008;
Winning number 327
Winner:  None


December 24, 2008;
Winning number 692
Winner:  None


December 17, 2008;
Winning number 087
Winner:  None


December 10, 2008;
Winning number 267
Winner:  Ray Westall


December 3, 2008;
Winning number 809
Winner:  None



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