"An Organization for the Preservation of Gamefowl"



               Tim Boggs

Vice President:
               Joe Smith

               Elizabeth Turner

Board Of Directors:
David Crosser 330-420-8635
Beckie Newcomb 740-643-0254
George Pendleton
Teddy Miller

MEMBERSHIP DUES - OHGBA/UGBA Membership Cards are $40 a year. The year will run from January 1 until December 31. If you already hold a UGBA card in another state you will only have to pay $20.

FAMILY MEMBERSHIPS - The price of 2 adult memberships and will include 2 adults and all family members in the home that are age 16 or younger.

ANNUAL FALL MEETING - SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27,2020, ED SANS BUILDING, FAIRFIELD COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS EAST FAIR AVENUE, LANCASTER, OHIO DOORS OPEN AT 8AM. MEETING STARTS AT 10AM. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are under a mask mandate. The Association will provide pizza for lunch. We ask you to bring donations for the raffles/auctions.

ANNUAL FALL POULTRY SHOW - SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14,2020 ED SANS BUILDING, FAIRFIELD COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS EAST FAIR AVENUE, LANCASTER, OHIO DOORS OPEN AT NOON. JUDGING BEGINS AT 1PM. THE ASSOCIATION WILL PROVIDE PIZZA FOR EVERYONE. PLEASE BRING DONATION ITEMS FOR THE RAFFLES/AUCTIONS. The purpose of the Association is to bind breeders and fanciers of gamefowl into an organization for their mutual education and benefits, for the exchange of better methods ideas tending toward perpetuation and improvement of the various breeds of gamefowl, to provide gamefowl standards as a guide to maintain and improve the various strains of gamefowl, to encourage poultry shows across the state to give our members an opportunity to show their fowl and have them tested against the Standards, to educate members on improved methods for health, breeding, caring, and protecting gamefowl, to educate and work with members on knowing, protecting, and securing their Constitutional rights to breed, raise, and enjoy their gamefowl, and to establish good relationships between the association, its members, and the general public by sponsoring seminars, expositions, essay contests, etc.






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