Gamefowl Fraternity Research Reports
A spiral bound book covers:
  • "The Fraternity of Cockerfighters: Ethical Embellishments of an Illegal Sport". [1974] 13 pages.
  • "Some Sociological Observations on a Socially Disvalued Sport". [1981] 12 pages.
  • "PA GBA v Pennsylvania" an affidavit of Dr. Forest Muir. [1987] 5 pages.
  • "The Moral and Conceptual Universe of Cockfighters: Symbolism and Rationalization." [1982] 10 pages.
  • "Sociology and Social Research (Clemson Report): A Statistical Value Profile of Cockfighters" [1991] 12 pages
  • "The National Gamefowl Fanciers Survey (Clemson Report): A Research Report" [1991] 72 pages
  • "Chickens, Competition and Comradery: Cockfighting and the Expendable Human/Animal Relationship" [1992] 27 pages
  • Economics - Culture - Ethics one page
  • "Animal Rights" [2008] 14 pages

Good companion book for the Dr Bryant DVD.

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Norman Terry Morgan Whitehackle

Gloss photo paper $25 plus $5 postage

On canvas $35 plus $5 postage

Sims Hatch
VERY limited edition prints of the oil painting of the Mel Sims Hatch cock that was presented to Gloria Sims at the 2014 UGBA Convention. 

There were only 52 prints made. Each print is numbered and comes with a certificate of authentication, signed by the artist.
The print is 12"x16" set on a 16"x20" canvas which can be stretched on a frame or mounted on a mat for framing. These are very high quality.

Cost is $40 plus $5 postage.

UGBA Show Standards:
This is the 3rd edition and includes the standards for Spanish fowl. It has 69 pages, 10 of which are colored pictures of roosters. This is a "must" if you are serious about showing your birds.

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DVDs are $10 plus $2 shipping. Discounts for UGBA affiliates.
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A Company of Professionals (approx. 120 mins.)

Joe Zannino interviews: Johnny Jumper, Mac White, Curtis Blackwell, Reese Hardin, Billy Ruble, Duke Hulsey and Harold Brown.
This is a historical recording that will gain value as time goes on. Imagine what you would pay to have video interviews with the likes of Hatch, Law, Madigan, Kelso, Allen, Murphy, Miner, Lacy, Boles, etc.
Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of history.

Dr. Bryant,  The American Cocker (Clemson Report)   approx. 75 mins.
A sociological discussion concerning gamefowl.
A compelling discussion on the history of gamefowl, cocking, cockers and the laws pertaining to them.
This is the best on the subject that I have ever seen or heard.

Good companion DVD for the Gamefowl Fraternity Research book.

Extinction is Forever
A discussion on gamefowl and cocking. Animal Rights Radicals and their tactics. Interviews with UGBA officers from the early 1990's about the organization and gamefowl preservation.

Where the Gamecock Crows
A history of gamefowl and cocking with interview segments with Dr. Marsh and Prof. Bryant. Comparisons with commercial poultry and how Animal Rights organization keep seized fowl. UGBA involvement and the commercial affect gamefowl have on the economy.

Approx. 26 mins for both. $5 plus $2 shipping.

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